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Dumb Thieves Mistakenly Sucked A Sewage Instead of Fuel Tank

This Story Of Thieves Will Make You ROFL Thanks To Their Stupidity

It was supposed to be a horrifying experience to people but turned out to be hilarious because of some foolishness from the thieves. A group of stupid of people tried to steal from a bus and there idea was to suck fuel from the petrol tank of the bus.

However, as karma would have it they ended up sucking entirely something else, it was a sewage tank. The incident took place in Laverton, Western Australia.

Laverton Police Sen. Sgt Heath Soutar said: “We can infer they beat a very hasty retreat, with a somewhat bitter taste in their mouth.”

Naturally, the news went viral both online and offline.

Robert Lambert, a Facebook user said: “That just made my day, so funny… talk about karma!” Hope, the thieves have learnt the lesson and they would not try to steal anything in future.