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You Tend To Gain Weight If You Are Happy In Love, Says Science


According to a study, being happily in love can result in greater weight gain and it can be measuring tool to tell if a couple is happily in love.

A study conducted by the Research on the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it was found that couples had the tendency to gain weight if they were satisfied with their relationships. Around 169 married couples for four years were under the scanner for the study.

One of the reason to gain weight was that there was no pressure to impress the better half as they were happy and satisfied with the relationship. On the other hand people who were struggling in relationship did everything possible to stay in shape to be attractive to others.

However, researchers also warned about obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems due to weight issues.

Andrea L. Meltzer, Lead researcher said: “By focusing more on weight in terms of health implications as opposed to appearance implications, satisfied couples may be able to avoid potentially unhealthy weight gain over time in their marriages.”

Though, gaining weight shows that you are happy, it is necessary to stay fit and healthy so that you can actually stay happy together.