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Bikini Pics Of This Teenage Girl Is Going Viral For A Different Season

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Isa-Bella, a 19-year-old girl has become the talk of the town with her bikini pics and it is not for what you are thinking. The images have gone viral because of her leg, the right leg is twice larger than her left.

She is suffering from Parkes Weber Syndrome, a disorder of the vascular system, the body’s complex network of blood vessels. The problem led to lymphedema, a swelling in one of her legs.

Her mother knew that there was something wrong from the very beginning. Isa-Bella had to grow through a lot of awkward looks and stares from public.

“When I was in public at the mall or beach, people would stare at me. I had to grow up faster than other kids and had to realize what I had and that it was normal for people to be curious.

“I would explain to people my own age, saying just simply, ‘I was born this way,” she narrated.

But, the courageous girl decided to be an inspiration to others who have an illness and shed all her inhibitions and posed in bikini during her beach vacation in Florida. She didn’t care about anything and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

“I think it’s important for people who have health issues to not only work on getting healthy but to work on loving yourself and accepting who you are,” she bravely mentioned.

“For me, beauty isn’t just on the outside. When I say someone is beautiful I see someone who makes you feel good when you’re around them.

“My condition doesn’t define me and there’s no way I would let it stop me from wearing a cute swimsuit or a cute dress,” she added.