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Doctors Take It Upon Themselves To Save The Life Of A Baby After Father Rejected His Daughter

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A baby in India was born with a rare condition of an extra head on her stomach. The mother was supposed to deliver twins but as things turned out only one baby emerged from her womb, with an extra head on its stomach.

It was delivered through a caesarean, the stomach twin had an underdeveloped facial features and the father immediately rejected the baby and wanted his wife to survive and be safe. The doctors did assure him that there was still a chance to save the baby.

However, it did not convince the father. Meanwhile, the case was transferred to the much equipped JK Lone Hospital in Jaipur.

According to Dr. Pravin Mathur, the pediatric head of the hospital: “This is one of the rarest cases of parasitic twin. The parents told us the mother had undergone sonography and other tests but were not told about carrying an underdeveloped twin.”

He continued: “They were shattered when they saw the baby. We had to convince them to give us a nod for the surgery to save their daughter’s life.”

Finally, the operation was a success and stomach twin was removed and the baby was breastfed.

The hospital didn’t charge anything as they treated this as an extraordinary case that needed help. Kudos to the medical team for taking the responsibility and doing their best that saved a life.