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Justin Bieber Just Revealed He Has A SECRET DAUGHTER! And The Mother Is…


Celebrities lives are so closely looked into that they need to think a lot before they speak something or post something on social media. A single word uttered can create a storm in the media and the internet.

There is not much they can do rather than giving a da*n about it.

Here’s what Justin Beiber recently shared:

Father Biebs

All his fans, especially the young girls went overboard when Justin uploaded a picture with a young baby girl.

The picture specifically captioned ‘My daughter’ came as a surprise to everyone.

The question that intrigued everyone was ‘Who’s the Mama?’

Who’s the mama?

Speculations ranged from Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez or a random fan. The secret mother was not revealed and everyone kept guessing who it could be.