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Parents Cover Up Son’s Death By Feeding Him To The Pigs

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Adrian Jones was only seven when he became a victim to a gruesome murder by his father Michael Jones, 46 and step-mother, Heather Jones, 31. Adrian died sometime in between September and October 2015.

No one is sure about it because his death was not reported. To cover up their crime, the parents fed their son’s body to the pigs.

The parents are obviously imprisoned for the rest of their lives. The father couldn’t look at the family members who were present at the hearing.

Adrian lived a short and tortured life at his home in rural Kansas. He was forced to stand in water overnight and often was bound to an inverted table and blindfolded.

Adrian’s parents had over 30 cameras set up around the home to constantly monitor his movements. But, they also recorded every detail of the abuse he suffered.

According to Heather, it was Michael’s idea to abuse Adrian and she couldn’t stop him. Well, she could have called the authorities, right?

A 5-year-old Adrian told a Missouri Children’s’ Division worker and a police officer that his father hit him and never fed him right, but they had no evidence so the system failed and a little boy lost his life.