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People Took One Look At This Pretty Girl’s Boyfriend And Couldn’t Understand Why She Loved Him

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It’s a known fact that society is judgmental towards a person’s appearance. After all, in the Philippines lighter-skinned people are often more noticeable.

People always associate lighter skin tone with beauty which is totally subjective and is (ahem) unfair.

Many people think that if a girl is pretty then they should also have a handsome boyfriend that matches their appearance. The reverse is the same: if a man has a very muscular physique, then he should have a sexy girlfriend.

But Love is being able to see the beauty of a person within – regardless of their flaws.


And this Cambodian netizen Kwan Dii Kwan Dii  has shown the world just that. She became a viral hit all over social media, when she proudly shared selfies and other photos of herself with her boyfriend on Facebook. As can be observed in the trending photos, the couple seems genuinely happy to be together.