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Pinay Mother Leaves Behind Her New Born Baby In Hospital Fearing She Would Be Sent To Jail


A Pinay mother who gave birth a baby boy in Abu Dhabi left her son in the hospital and went away, reports claim that she was afraid that she would be sent to jail as she was not married. Before leaving she told that she would get some money for her expenses and never returned.

The boy nicknamed Sebastian is under the care of the hospital for the past nine months. The hospital management is coordinating with the Philippine Embassy to decide the future of the child.

The mother was rushed to the facility while she was in labor, however, the women had no insurance coverage and hence she told the authorities that she has to leave in order to pay the expenses. The investigation revealed that she was already married and her husband lived in Philippines, but unfortunately she was impregnated by a different man in Abu Dhabi.

“We approached the Philippines embassy in Abu Dhabi but they told us that the mother is not interested in the baby,” Dr. Essam Ali, a senior quality manager, said.

The hospital has covered all the expenses of the child and even allotted a room with a swing, bed, sofa, toys and a full time nurse to take care.

“The lady left behind the baby and escaped from the country. She was afraid that her husband would come to know about the baby and this would jeopardise their marriage,” said the manager.

Dr. Ali added that one last attempt will be made to find out the mother and hand over the baby, if she refuses then the baby will be available for others to adopt legally.

“There is a lengthy procedure for adoption in Philippines as well, but I will go there to work through the legal channels. If the mother refuses to take the baby, this allows others to adopt legally,” Dr. Ali noted.

After 8 months of continuous negotiation with the Philippine embassy, officials finally agreed to issue a passport to baby Sebastian. According to a spokesman, “We can’t give any details as to what we are doing about the baby, as the investigation is ongoing.”