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Qatar’s Public Sector Work Timings Shortened To 5 Five-Hour Days In Ramadan

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Government employees in Qatar will work a five-hour day during Ramadan, officials have announced. This also includes those working for ministries and public institutions and official hours will be from 9am to 2pm.

Ramadan is less than two weeks away. The exact start date for Ramadan is yet to be announced, but fasting is expected to begin around May 27.

This reduction of time does not apply private companies.

Nevertheless, Qatari law stipulates that non-government employees must also have a shortened workday of six hours whether or not they are fasting However, there are exceptions to this, so check with your employer to find out how your schedule is affected.


In addition to shorter workdays during Ramadan, parents can also expect abbreviated school days for their children.

Officials began enforcing five-hour days for government (public), private and international schools across Qatar from Last year.

This was likely in part to protect fasting children from the heat, as temperatures are now on an average of 40C and beyond.

But people fasting in Qatar will have it better than those in most other parts of the world.

The average fasting day in Doha will last about 14 hours, compared to a whopping 20 hours in Russia and 18 hours in the UK.