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This Woman Is All Set To Be The First Female To Have Travelled Every Country In The World


A 27-year-old woman achieved travel goals at quite an early age. However, it’s hard to have that kind of money to travel to 196 countries. But this woman hardly spent anything when she went on trips.

Cassandra De Pecol is a backpacker who travelled 196 countries in the world and break the Guinness World Book of Records. She needed cash to do so, and luckily she found sponsors.

By July 2015, De Pecol has already been to 181 countries all over the world. She finished traveling the entire world in February 2017. This earned her the title “Fastest time to visit all sovereign nations.”

The trip cost her $111,000 and took 18 months to complete.

Her aims wasn’t to just visit these countries, she also acted as an Ambassador for Peace from International Institute for Peace through Tourism, spoke to 16,000 university students in at least 40 countries.