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While Girl Was Busy At Home Her Webcam Was Hacked! Watch What Happened Next Here!

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Technology is great! It has made things faster and communication easier. But not all aspects of technology are merely used for the sake of convenience and efficiency. There are loopholes in that technology that people are waiting exploit.
One example of this would be the story of this girl who was totally unaware of what was happening in her laptop’s webcam. She only found out when it was already too late.

Here is a short film where a young woman enjoyed sharing everything about her through her webcam. She communicated with the people she cared about through this piece of convenient technology.

However, she did not expect that someone would abuse her innocence. She was shocked to learn that a certain person hacked her webcam. She was unaware of what was happening. The person who manipulated her device was then able to watch everything she did through her own webcam.

One night while she was sleeping, an unidentified man entered her room and what happened next was truly shocking!

The short film served as a warning for everybody who is too dependent on technology.