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A Piece Of Glass Changed Her Life Forever

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Victoria Brodski, 25, celebrated her birthday at the Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas. The park is famous since it’s a place where anyone can try their luck at grabbing a diamond.

The park boasts a unique attraction as the world’s only “diamond-bearing” park that is open to the public. Tourists can go there and see if they are lucky enough to find a diamond within its 37.5-acre area.

According to Brodski, after a while of going around and searching, she tumbled upon a tiny shiny rock that seemed like a piece of glass at first, but once she went to the Diamond Discovery Center, she found out that it was actually a 2.65 carat diamond.

Apparently, Brodski’s find is the second-largest diamond discovered in the park to date. Last March, a lucky 14-year-old managed to find a 7.44-carat diamond.

Park interpreter Waymon Cox said, “Brodski’s diamond is one of the more beautiful brown diamonds I’ve seen from the park. It’s about the size of a bead, with a dark brown color, like raw honey. It has a smooth, rounded surface and appears free of blemishes, inside and out.”

Brodski said that she won’t just take all of the profit from the diamond as her family had a “contract” with each other.

That’s a birthday well spent!