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Driver High On Marijuana Plowed Into Pedestrians: ‘I Wanted To Kill Them All.’

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‘I wanted to kill them, you were supposed to kill me’, said the drug-crazed driver who plowed into pedestrians on the sidewalk in Times Square, where he killed one and injured 22. He told the cops that he planned a murder-suicide spree.

The driver, Richard Rojas, 26, was taken into custody after killing an 18-year-old girl and inflicting injury on 22 others when he drove through the crowd.

Rojas tried to flee the scene after crashing his Honda, but he got into a fistfight with an officer before getting arrested and bundled into a squad car.

Rojas told the police that he wanted to murder the innocent pedestrians and wanted the police to kill him after.

‘You were supposed to shoot me. I wanted to kill them,’ he told police.

Law enforcement sources say that Rojas appeared to have smoked the synthetic drug, also known as K2, before to the crash.

Others claimed he was also under the influence of PCP which causes hallucinations and mania.

Rojas, a former Navy electrician mate fireman’s apprentice who left service in 2014 and never served overseas, blew a 0.0 when tested for alcohol at the precinct following his arrest.

He was charged with one count of murder, 20 counts of attempted murder and five of aggravated vehicular homicide late on Thursday night.

After the crash on Thursday, the NYPD closed off the ordinarily bustling Times Square at the corner of 45th Street and Broadway on Thursday.

Among those hit by the driver was 18-year-old Alyssa Elsman who died at the scene. The teenager was a tourist from Michigan who was on a holiday, with her family.

She was walking around Times Square with her 13-year-old sister who was also struck. Alyssa’s body lay lying on the ground.

Only about 15 were not seriously injured or hospitalised, but the rest suffered serious injuries like fracture and multiple trauma.

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