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OFW Committed Suicide In Saudi Arabia, Family Demands Further Investigation

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Rochelle Lechido Masubay was a domestic helper in Taif, Saudi Arabia. She had two children and she went to Saudi and worked there through Fors Recruitment Agency on May 25, 2014.

Rodolfo Malinao, Masubay’s husband went to the agency in January to say that the last communication with Masubay was on June 26, 2014.

This was when they informed him that Masubay was already dead since October, 16, 2014. However, her date of death in the certificate was on July 1, 2014.

They said she committed suicide, and her remains were brought to her hometown on February 14.

“When the police forcibly opened her door, she was found dead with a knife stuck to her heart.

“We demand to know the real circumstances of Masubay’s death. Why did it take too long, half a year, for the family to be informed of her death?

“Worse, the family was duped into signing a compromise agreement ensuring that they would not file any charges, under the pretext that such a document is a requirement for the repatriation of her remains,” said by Sol Pilla of Migrante International.

The documentation was said to be an “a quitclaim in exchange for Php 119,240 from a certain Pioneer Insurance Agency.” Malinao signing the agreement strengthen the suspicion of foul play in Masubay’s death.

“Nowhere in the repatriation process does it state a compromise agreement as a requirement for repatriation. What reasons does the POEA have to whitewash or cover-up Masubay’s mysterious death?” Pillas appealed.

Well, if there was any foul play in Masubay’s death, we urge the officials to take necessary action.