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Serbian Man Beats Up His Wife And Chokes Her On A Live TV Show

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Zorica Dukic was outrageously beaten by her husband, Nenad Marinkovic-Gastoz. The incident took place on a reality show named “Couples”, where the husband dragged his wife to the bathroom using a headlock. The horrendous scene was unsightly but the contestants seemed to enjoy it. Everyone sat on the dinner table, while Nenad Marinkovic-Gastoz argued with another contestant and the argument quickly caught fire, which turned the 31-year-old violent with rage. This is when his 24-year-old wife tried to intervene and calm him down. But as you know, the opposite happened.
Scroll down to know what exactly happened between the contestants on the dinner table.


24 Years Zorica Dukic, Was Beaten By 31, Nenad Marinkovic-Gastoz, on Reality Show Couples

She Was Dragged By Her Husband To The Washroom!

He was dragging her badly while slapping and pinching her nose.

In the Washroom, Dukic Shouted On Her Gastoz lays into her, screaming, ‘I will talk for you! Shut up!’

The Man Thought That They Were Alone In The Washroom But Everyone Were Watching Them Outside!

They Didn’t Had Any Clue That Other Contestants Were Enjoying The Moment!

One Woman Was Enjoying The Scene So Much That She Started Sucking At an Apple!

Audience Is Saying That They Did The Stunt To Get  Attention.

The Couple Seem Very Happy In The Beginning But They Are Not Able To Handle The Pressure!

See The Shocking Moments When He Beaten His Wife!