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Shocking Video Shows how Chickens are Hatched in Factories

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Almost everyone enjoys having chicken, be it barbecued, roasted or fried and sauteed, nuggets we love it in all forms. However from egg to plate, we do not know the reality behind the life of a chicken.

A video secretly filmed by animal rights campaign group, shows how the chirping chicks are treated from their first day and processed like meat in 2 months.

Here’s the video for you

Caution: the video contain footage some viewers might find upsetting



Workers sort through the thousands of chicks in an inhuman way, this is almost like a quality control process in industrial factories

Weak Ones

The footage shows how the heads of weak chicks torn off with cruelly while the baby chicks are still alive and some of unlucky ones who are not yet killed get disposed off the black trash bags and disposed off.

Survivors are Treated Even Worse

Those baby chicks who survive to the later stage are dropped into a conveyor, the workers stab them with a vaccination needle and throw then down a hole.


The chicks are then packed in thousands in the crates.

Industrial Hatching

The crates are shut in dark cupboards to be stored during the industrial hatching process

Growth Hormones

The video further shows how the chicks are sent industrial farms and pumped with growth hormones to come into their fully grown size within 40 days.




The sad reality is that millions of chicks born out of egg never make it through their first day as they are the simply being killed. The chicks which cannot lay eggs are either gassed or thrown in machines which kill them instantly.