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This Girl Enthralled Everyone With Beautiful Shapely Legs And Wavy Hair. When She Turns You Will Be Shocked!

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This is the stereotype for an attractive person: Boys are supposed to have broad shoulders, head full of short hair, muscular body and must be tall. For girls, they must be curvy, with long hair, smooth skin and full breasts.  Then tell me what you see in these images?


The girl in the photos was very sexy and flawless. Her long hair was was perfectly wavy and brown. Her legs were scar-free. Her curves are something that other girls will envy. However, when the girl’s face was seen on the camera, you’ll understand why people were shocked with what they saw!

The model was actually a boy with mustache and beard!

So all these stereotypes just confused you right? We have to agree that the photo project was very creative. Maybe we won’t cling to these stereotypes as hard as we used to.