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I Married The Man I Loved When I Was 21, It Made Me Go Through Things I’ll Never Forget

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This Girl Married The Man She Loved And You Will Be Shocked To Hear What She Went Through

It’s not very uncommon to be 21, start a job and fall in love with an older guy. A slow friendship turning into something more.

However, in this woman’s case, everything went on a little quicker. Within 10 days she was married off.

My parents told me that his mom was not in the best of her health and he would expect me to care for her, I was okay with it.

“Which son would ask his wife not to care for his mom?” I asked them. They told me I’d have to drop all modern wear, my husband told me that such restrictions will only apply for one year. I was okay with that too, I did not want to loose him over a pair of jeans. I couldn’t have guessed where all of this was going.

The first few months were okay despite his mom pointing out mistakes in everything. They were apparently paying off a debt so the newly wed bride began giving her salary to her husband.

Her husband went off for a fortnight training on the second day of marriage and she continued her job as well.

Every night my father-in-law would get drunk and I was not allowed to sleep alone. My mom-in-law would come and bolt the door from inside. I never understood why, but I never dared to question her.

The woman also had a condition where she would blink her eyes in sync with her jaw.

“Please do not eat in front of our relatives, it’s humiliating,” my father-in-law said to me numerous times. I spoke about this with my husband, and my father-in-law did not talk to me for weeks.

One day her father and mother-in-law had a fight one night and he slapped her. Right in front of her and their son.

However, she convinced her husband to stand up for his mother.

But once her relationship with her husband took a few bumps, she developed medical condition. Same guy who used to stand by her through thick and thin was the one who started calling her parents to brainwash her.

“Then came the first slap in our marriage. Yes, like father like son, I should’ve guessed this one earlier.”

Things took a drastic change after that day. But she still tried to keep things going.

Around this time, she received a Facebook message from his friend who told her how he was pursuing her for an extra marital affair. She even sent their whatsapp chat. She didn’t know what to do, she was the one who chose him after all.

After a few months of their first anniversary they were ALLOWED to go for an outing, with 15-20 of his relatives.

We had a bad fight there once and he said to me: “I regret the day I decided to marry you.” I had been saying the exact same things in my head for days now.

There were good moments and bad after the trip, he still cared for her. But he would beat her up too, but then he would also beat himself over it

He would cry, ask her to forgive him. Get her to promise him that I would never leave him.

After their second anniversary, they went on the same trip, but he paid more attention to her and those were probably the best days of her life.

“However, after we came back from the trip, things became worse. I don’t know if things can get any worse in a ‘love marriage’. My mom-in-law would tell him in front of me to slap me if I replied rudely to him. And he would, of course.”

The breaking point was too close by then, especially when he tried to harm her younger brother, who was just about eight years younger to her.

She tried talking to his parents about it, but he called her parents instead. Finally she opened up to her parents about everything she went through for the past two and a half years.

They spoke with his parents and she ended up back there.

“He would hurt someone I love, someday, he promised me.”

She took him on a solo trip, hoping to bring them closer, but she failed.

He beat her up again, and then she called her parents. This lady from the neighbourhood tried to choke me when my parents were downstairs.

She has been living with her parents ever since. He changed his number and disconnected hers too. She changed it, in the end.

He is not ready for divorce, neither does he want to leave his parents and live separately with her.