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This Man Pushed His Wife Into The Water To Save Himself On A Sinking Boat

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A man and his wife were travelling on a cruise ship, but the boat began to sink and a man pushed his wife off an emergency boat, because there was space for only one person.

The story seems to be terrible, and like everyone else you will be furious, too. However, read the story till the end, it will melt your heart.

“Take care of our child,” the man’s wife said to him. The man went home with their child and had raised her all by his own. Their daughter never knew what happened to her mother as he never told her.

One day, the daughter discovered her father’s diary only to find that her mother had been terminally ill when the boat was sinking.

Once they learned that only one of them had a chance to survive, the woman clung to her husband’s arm and told that she loved him and their daughter.

“How I wished to be at the bottom of the ocean with you. But for the sake of our daughter, I can only let you lie forever below the ocean alone.” the man wrote in his diary.

The man could have saved his wife, but their daughter needed someone to raise her. He let his sick wife go and saved himself to raise their daughter.

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