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This Woman’s Menstruation Was Not Normal So She Went to See a Doctor. You Won’t Believe What Was Found Inside Her Body!

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This Woman Had Irregular Menses And This Is What She Found Out

Abnormal menstruation shouldn’t be neglected, because there could be an underlying reason.

Jasmine Gabriel had been experiencing horrible menstrual cramps.

“I knew the intensity and pain was not normal but I just took the pain,” she said.

Once she started college, she realised she needed help and went to an OB-GYN to ask about her unusual menstruation. After a session of ultrasound, doctors discovered that she had fibroid tumors growing inside of her. Oddly enough, the doctor just ignored it and said that she should just continue that way.

However, it kept getting worse.

The doctor took another look inside of her and saw that the tumors had gotten so big that her cervix and uterus have already been displaced.

She went under the knife for a myomectomy and finally got get of those tumors.

She said:

“Ladies, please listen to your body. If you feel like something isn’t right, get it checked out. He said if I would of waited one more month, I wouldn’t be able to have children. I’m glad I listened to my body and got the surgery because as a women, it’s so very important for me to have a family of my own. Thank you everyone for all the love and support especially to my friends, family.