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This Woman’s Burnt Body Was Treated With Fish Scales. The Result Will Surprise You!

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Doctors Treat Woman’s Burnt Body With Fish Scale And It Is Surprisingly Too Good

Maria Ines Candio from Russas, Brazil, a waitress had suffered from second-degree burns due to a gas cooking explosion in a restaurant. She has burns on her arms, neck and some on her face.

The doctors who were treating her decided to something extraordinary and decided treat her with fish scales instead of traditional medicine, a first in the history of medical history.

“Tilapia skin contains optimum levels of collagen type-one and high degrees of humidity, so it takes a long time to dry out. These are important characteristics known for healing burns and for providing patients with essential proteins,” said Dr. Edmar Maciel, one of the surgeons who developed the treatment.

“We discovered that Tilapia fish skin performs significantly better in the healing process by soothing and curing severe wounds caused by burns,” he added.

However, the fish scale had to undergo an intense process before being used on the skin. The fishy smell, muscle tissues, toxins and any element which can transmit disease are removed. Then it will be stretched, laminated, and refrigerated for up to two years, in size of 10cm by 20cm.

“I was in absolute agony and desperate for anything to ease my suffering. I loved the treatment and would recommend it to anyone who has suffered like me,” Maria said.

Watch the video below.