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10 Strange School Punishments That Will Shock You

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Schools always get creative when it comes to punishment, how else do you get all those students to be disciplined enough?

But sometimes, these punishments cross the boundaries of normalcy.

Take a look:

#1. Kneeling on frozen peas

Asian students will be familiar with this form of punishment as it is quite a common practice in this part of the world. A Chinese student recently posted a photo of her knees after undergoing this punishment.

#2. Holding hands in public

When these two kids got punished in a school in Arizona, they were given two options: suspension or hold hands for 15 minutes in the school courtyard to see.

#3. A police escort

A 5-year-old child from Mississippi was escorted by police for wearing the wrong colour of shoes. The child’s parents couldn’t afford the shoes required so they took a black sharpie and coloured in a pair of red shoes.

#4. The cone of shame

A teacher placed a doggie cone on student as a form of punishment. When this humiliating punishment ended, the school board learnt about the incident and suspended the teacher.

#5. Eating food off the floor – yuck.

Students from New Jersey were made to eat food off the floor as a punishment when one of the students spilled water on the floor.