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Boy Finds 6 Big “Rats” Behind a Church. 1 Year Later They Look Completely Different.

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People tend to change as they grow up and compromise with life in order to make meet ends. However, at some point people wish to be as they were clean, unadulterated and helping,  in this case a small boy will remind people of such qualities.

Ken, an 11-year-old boy in Philippines started his own Happy Animals Club thanks to donations from all over. Since then he has saved many animals and continues to do so.

Hyena, a dog which starved for days and suffered from mange when she first came to the club but how she looks now is unbelievable, take a look at her now:

A cat named Ceiling was flea-ridden and hungry when he initially joined the club.

And now he is one among the happiest.

A group of puppies were in desperate need of some care and attention and nobody expected them to survive.

But, Ken again proved his worth by not just saving them, he also named each one of them after a famous scientist.

Take a look at these scientists:

Bohr, named after Niels Bohr

This is Einstein

Meet Newton

Baby Pascal

Planck, named after Max Planck, the only lady in the group.

And here is Tesla, named after Nikola Tesla

The boy deserves all the recognition and credit he has been receiving and hopefully he continues to do this incredible work.