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A Japanese Man Visits Philippines Every Now And Then And It’s For A Noble Cause

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Takashi Castillo visits Philippines whenever time permits and unlike others he doesn’t go there to relax, instead he makes his appearance to feed and help the poor and the homeless people who are in dire need of some attention.

He posted a few pics along with a caption that read:

Please be patience until i succeed.
Whatever happens, I want to help Homeless and I want to change the Philippines.

But dont forget!

Eating is a privilege for those who work.

I like people who strive

Think about people who cannot eat everyday. You have to thank to food.

Thou shouldst eat to live not live to eat.”

As expected he was appreciated by people for his service and kind heart. It obviously feels bad to see people being ignored in spite of all the advancement. Fortunately, the world also has people like Takashi to restore faith in humanity.