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Barber Shop With Half-Naked “Hair Stylists” Becomes an Instant Hit Among Men

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Barber Shop In Kazakhstan Becomes An Instant Hit Thanks To Its Innovative Service To Customers

A salon in Oskemen, Kazakhstan named ‘Old Boy’ became a rage among the existing and new customers when it started to offer services in its own way, by its own way we mean half naked girls.

Sounds great right, well you can even see some great stuff in the pics below:

It did raise a few eye brows with NSFW pics.

The hair stylists would have definitely aroused some interest when they began to get intimate.

It turned out that the women were actually dancers from the local strip club called Zebra. They appeared only  for a photo shoot to promote the saloon.

It turned out to be a masterstroke as the saloon became the talk of the town and received a lot of attention.