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Beware! Changing Rooms Now Have Tiny Cameras That Look Like Screws!

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Everything has a good and bad side. But the intention of technology was to make lives better not WORSE!

The camera has been made smaller, thanks to nano technology but now some perverts are using this to record people changing in the bathroom and changing rooms!

These devices now come in many shapes and sizes. There are models that are disguised to mix in with the environment. Others are made to show up as something else, for example, a pen, a clock or a toy. One of the more propelled models are those that are disguised as screws.

Anyone can buy these cameras!

Such small concealed cameras can be bought on Amazon for just $15. Police issued a warning about how these small cameras are being utilized by some criminal persons.

This is what their warning says: “This is a warning to everybody who use open restrooms, particularly ladies. Be cautious since a few degenerates or individuals who need to blackmail you have figured out how to put these screw cameras inside restrooms. They’ll take indecent pictures of you and after that upload it on some adult site.”

“They may likewise utilize these pictures to extort you. Along these lines, please tell your spouses, sweethearts, little girls, and every one of the ladies you care, about this, so they won’t get casualties.”

The screw cameras is very easy to set up and very difficult to figure out that it’s not a screw.

So be cautious when you go to change and if you ever get the feeling that you’re watched better trust your gut or have it verified for your own safety!