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This Boyfriend Conducted The Scariest Marriage Proposal Ever That Made His Fiancee Cry!

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Boyfriend Plans For A Scary Proposal For GF That Scared Her To Death!

The trend these days is that men go the extra mile to make their proposals very unique and memorable. But they took out the pleasantness from it and are doing outrageous things to propose to their beloved partners!

Maybe they want the proposal to be more memorable than the wedding. Who knows!

Vlad Lungu wanted his marriage proposal to be a remarkable and unforgettable one for his girlfriend, Alexandra. 

This Romanian couple’s engagements was just as shocking to netizens as well and created a huge buzz around it.

Vlad and Alexandra were driving down the roads of Brasov when armed men wearing black masks and identifying themselves as police officers asked them to stop their vehicle. Moments later, one of them forcefully grabbed Alexandra from the car and pinned her down to the ground.

After being manhandled and made to look like they were in very deep drouble, she was taken to the back of a dark van where what she saw took her breath away!

And the proposal unfolds!

Well, that’s one way to get a girl to say yes!