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Father Allows His Daughter To Give Him A Permanent Tattoo And What She Wrote Was Totally Worth It

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Fathers are always a first hero to their children and girls are a little special to a father. One such father who loved his daughter gave her a free hand and accepted to get a permanent tattoo according to her wish.

Since he was a tattoo artist his daughter had some idea about the art and she was inspired to do a tattoo on his arm.

Kiko Caravana from Manila had a tattoo from her parents and what she wrote will melt your heart.  ‘I love you Tay’ were the words she inscribed permanently on her dad’s left arm and I am sure he would have been thrilled to have that on his body.

The video which was posted has since been shared more than 4000 times and it will be no surprise if the number goes up.

Watch the video below: