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Father Of Three Decides To Transform Himself, 12 Weeks Later He Poses With Some Jaw Dropping Makeover

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People tend to give up on most of their activities after becoming parents everything revolves around their children. But here is a man who proves that it is never too late to become what you always wanted to be.

Ben Jackson, a 45-year-old father of three children was a typical man who had put on weight and did his everyday routine. But he decided to be fit and healthy and went on a low carb diet.

He followed a strict nutrition and training plan and never touched alcohol and gave up on food which was not recommended. He worked out five times a week and started to have six smaller and more nutritious meals a day.

He began to lose weight and dropped to 79kgs from 86.5 kg and brought down 20 percent body fat to just nine percent in 12 weeks.

He said before transforming himself: ‘Many 45 plus men might think that when they’ve hit middle age, it’s too late to embark on a fitness journey because their body is out of shape or they don’t have the same stamina as they did in their 20’s.

‘As a tradie I’m always surrounded by younger blokes on the yard who poked fun at my middle age beer belly!

‘My main goal was to lose weight and I also wanted to get back to a good level of fitness.’

He said enjoyed the process as it helped him clear his head and energise him throughout the day. He explained: ‘Overall, mentally I have been a different person. I’ve been more bright and alert. I’ve been sleeping a lot better, I have more patience with my children, problems at work don’t seem to get on top of me as much and I am a happier person.’

He believes that getting back in shape at this age was just perfect for his life. He added: ‘I hope the results inspire other middle-aged blokes that they can still reinvent themselves physically and mentally regardless of their age. I’ve got loads more energy to play with the kids and my wife’s not complaining either.’

‘My advice for anyone else would be to go for it, it’s three months out of your life. At the end of the day, it’s worth it. The benefits speak for themselves – physically and mentally – but be ready for the pain!’