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This Groom Cancelled The Wedding-To-Be After Seeing The Footage Of His Bride Going Wild In Her Bachelorette Party!

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Carmelo Delva shared a picture on Facebook which ended the greatest day of this woman’s life, after her would-be husband cancelled their wedding.

The groom cancelled the wedding when he saw a video of his fiancée having a great time with a stripper during her bachelorette party.

“What happens in a bachelor/bachelorette party should stay in bachelor/bachelorette party” was ignored when someone’s device was hacked and the video was sent to the man. The man saw his fiancée having so much fun as a stripper was on top of her and her friends were cheering her on. The latter part of the video also showed that the fun became more deep and lascivious.

“Husband cancel wedding after they sent him a video of the bride bachelorette party smfh,” Carmelo Delva said on his Facebook post. In a few hours, the post already reached over 17 thousand shares.

The video got deleted from Facebook and YouTube, but the screenshots remained.