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This Worried Mother Warned About The Dangers Of Nail Biting After She Took Out 31 Nails From Her Son’s Gums!

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Mother Pulls Out 31 Nails From Her Son’s Gums And Warns People About Nail Biting!

Nail biting is seen as a silly and unsightly habit but nothing more serious than that! But this mother will tell you with proof that it’s no joking matter!

A concerned mother named Sara Guidry wanted to raise awareness regarding the dangers of nail biting. She shared the story of her son, Kale, who has been biting his nails for a long time. She started to realize something was wrong when she started noticing strange white materials in her son’s gums. When she pulled them out using tweezers, she was shocked to discover that they were actually nails embedded into his pallet!

According to Sara, Kale must have been playing with his nails and during that somehow pushed them upwards. She was shocked to remove 31 nail fragments from her son’s gums.

Sara’s warning immediately went viral and her post has already garnered more than 51,000 Facebook reactions as of this writing. It has also been shared more than 200,000 times. Because of Sara’s warning, parents from across the country have expressed their concerns regarding their kids’ unstoppable nail biting habits.