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Price Caps On Grocery Items Ordered By Qatar Ministry For Ramadan

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Qatar’s Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) ordered for price caps on at least 400 grocery products to keep them affordable during a busy shopping season.

Stores have been prohibited by law to charge more than a certain amount for products like rice, flour, milk, yogurt, meat, soap, jam, dried fruit, frozen products, cheeses and other items.

Take a look at this list released by the MEC:


Al Meera however has assured to sell more than 1,400 products at cost price at most of its stores.

The prices will remain the same during the entire month of Ramadan.

In a statement, the MEC explained that grocery shopping surges some 25 percent during Ramadan, and this annual price cap initiative helps “ease the burden” on customers.

This is the seventh year where government has set maximum prices for basic food products during Ramadan.

Consumers who spot violations of any kind in restaurants and stores can call 16001, email [email protected] or reach out the ministry on Twitter, Instagram or via its mobile app.