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Reporter Was Stunned After Woman Breastfed Piglet On Live Tv!

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Live tv is something that is always amusing. Since its live there are always chances that something bizarre will happen.

Recently a reporter and her camera man just wanted to record a small segment about some problems in their village but she never thought something so shocking would happen!

A reporter was simply asking locals whether their businesses had been affected by torrid weather but was stunned when one woman decided to breastfeed a PIG.

The woman – a farmer who sold pigs to butchers for meat – was explaining how her animals had to be removed from their fields.

She then picked up her piglet which had been saved from the floods.

And for no apparent reason, she lifted up her top and place the poor pig on her right boob.

Luckily the quick-thinking cameraman immediately moved to other villagers –who were not prepared to see that at all as well!

It took place in San Juan de Lurigancho, in Lima, Peru and was being filmed by American Television.