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Caught on Tape: Shocking Video That Exposed The Sex Tourism Racket In Philippines

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A shocking video has emerged which has busted the sex tourism racket in the Philippines and unfortunately the mother of the unfortunate children are the deal makers. It might be shocking to see the mothers selling their children to sex tourists.

Philippines has an unwanted tag of being one of the country that has reputation for prostitution and sex tourism and more than 800,000 people are dependent on this industry, including innocent children.

Mike, an undercover agent from the ICE posed as a s*xual tourist and recorded the proceedings. The accomplice asked the two women, “So could you tell me which ones I can do what with?” by way of asking what the children could do for him and which children he could “pay for.”

The man then asked: “She can do what?”

And the woman replied: “S*x.”

He then got the names of the little girls with whom he could have s*x. The sisters were busted by HSI (Homeland Security Investigation) as soon as the payment was made, they were taken into custody for further investigation.

Meanwhile a team of social workers took thirteen children under their control.

The country’s international image was hampered as a result of the US military presence in the region during and after World War 2 when “go go” or “girlie” bars flourished around the bases at Clark and Subic Bay.