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This Is What You Need To Do If Your Spouse Spends Your Money On Someone Else

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Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are common victims of infidelity since they live away from their spouse. And the partner who is left behind in Philippines spends their hard-earned money on others.

A Facebook group called FilipiKnows discussed this topic and it went viral. Apparently, many OFWs were able to relate to the situation due to the fact that the Facebook live video garnered over 550k viewers, 5.3k comments, and 8.9k reactions. Most of them expressed their anger towards their cheating spouse and even shared what their partners did to their money.

The interactive Facebook live video, which was hosted by Lhey of Taiwan, tackles the question, “Anong gagawin mo kapag nalaman mong ang perang pinapadala mo sa Pilipinas at ginamit lang sa kabit ng asawa mo?”

They suggested that if their partner is being unfaithful then they should send the same money to their parents, siblings or their child’s guardian instead of sending it directly to their partners.

Watch the Facebook video to get a few ideas on what you should do if you’re an OFW with an unfaithful spouse: