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This Wife Does Something Shocking To Woman Who Flirted With Her Husband Online!

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Ann Lim Arceo had her suspiscious with how her husband was going about his time online. When she decided to investigate the story became viral! She exposed a woman who was flirting with her husband online. She shared details of their conversation and revealed that the woman also sent her husband nude pics. The woman in question is named Diane and unnecessarily close to Ann’s husband.

Check out their conversation here:


Ann, using her husband’s Facebook Messenger app, decided to trick Diane after she sent him a private message at around 11 pm.

Diane’s has seemingly been flirting with Ann’s husband for a while now and has even sent him plenty of selfies. Ann asked Diane for more. Slowly, Ann tricked Diane who said that she was “in the mood” for even more flirting. She even sent photos of herself with no top on!

Ann, kept up her act pretending to to be her husband, said that she’ll send Diane a nude selfie if Diane sent one first.

At first, Diane played hard to get. But she eventually sent this:

Warning: The following pictures are explicit in nature and are not suitable for younger readers. Discretion is advised.

Wow, that’s not something to send to a married man. This is what happened next:

Ann eventually revealed herself to be the wife of the married man that Diane was flirting with. Diane was shocked and embarrassed and kept sending “huhu” again and again. In Ann’s post, she said that Diane, who she referred to as “Inday”, should be thankful that she covered the compromising picture with some stickers to protect her dignity.

What do you think about what Ann did to the flirty would-be homewrecker? Did Diane deserve it? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this story!