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This Woman Cheated On Her Husband & He Knew It, Yet He Decided To Be With The Woman

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The couple met in 2008 and got married in 2012, like every other marriage their marriage had a few bumps. At first everyone shows their best side, the side anyone could fall in love with and the bad parts will only be revealed later into the relationship.

The woman was fun, bubbly and loving while the guy was totally opposite. He was a dud when it came to any romantic gesture as well. He hardly made any attempts to make her feel special.

One year into the relationship he moved to a different city to work. It was hard, but they managed to maintain their relationship and finally their marriage was fixed.

Convincing her family was hard since he came from different culture, but since he was a nice guy, everybody liked him. Once the marriage got fixed the girl got her dream job.

She met a guy called Sachin in her office and became very close to each other. They exchanged numbers and spoke for hours, he was a completely different guy from Abhinav. He was funny, outspoken and basically nothing like her husband.

He knew everything about her relationship but they failed to control their feelings and fell in love with each other.

One day when she was talking to her husband over skype, he noticed her changed behavior and she couldn’t hold it in either. She confessed about everything and tears poured down his eyes and her heart broke into little pieces.

She apologized and promised to make everything fine, but she couldn’t stay away from Sachin. Her marriage date was nearing and Sachin was forcing her to break it.

She couldn’t break a four year relationship over something that is only 15 days old.

Her husband gave her the option to choose Sachin but she couldn’t do it, so she married Abhinav and was so unhappy that marriage became more of a sacrifice.

Abhinav had to get back to his job in a different city and she decided to stop talking to Sachin, only they couldn’t.

Sachin was willing to accept her if she divorced her husband but she obviously couldn’t do that. Her husband visited every 2 months and he knew that she wasn’t in love with him anymore.

She asked her company for a transfer so she could live with her husband. The transfer took a year and she moved to her husband’s place. She never met Sachin after that.

Her husband was extremely happy to get her back, he loved her wholeheartedly and beyond her expectations.

She asked her husband why he didn’t leave her even after he got to know she was cheating. He said, “I just waited to be with you, I knew you always loved me just that you thought you’d stopped loving me. I had full faith that you will realize it soon and my 4 years of love will win over your new love.” And he was right.

He was right. Once she realised this, she finally found happiness and lives happily with her husband.