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Woman Purchased $30 Egg On eBay, 47 Days Later She Has An Incredible Story To Tell

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Woman Buys $30 Egg on eBay. Weeks Later, It Hatches Into An Exotic Bird!

You can almost find anything online these days and you can also technically order exotic birds. Charlotte Harrison bought an emu egg on eBay out of curiosity and it did pay off.

The egg hatched after 47 days and the family welcomed a new living being into their family named Kevin. But, how did this happen?

According to Charlotte, she used home incubating system and after a month and a half the egg did hatch.

“I sat there for four hours making squeaks and whistles to coax him out,” Charlotte shared.

I am sure you will love the tiny bird and would want to order one right away. But, the fact that emu is considered as the world’s second largest bird might force you to have second thoughts.

For now it is pretty but Kevin can grow as much as 6 feet.

“I felt a huge surge of protection and care when Kevin hatched,” confessed Charlotte. Her 4-year-old daughter, Ellie, has become good friends with the bird.

“I’m sharing the adventures of Kevin with the world. I feel so maternal towards him and want to show him off, he’s so adorable,” said Charlotte.