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10 Processed Food From China That You Must Avoid Buying, Number 9 Is Shocking

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The ‘Made in China’ tag has spread throughout the world and the demand for these products is increasing day by day. But, when it comes to food you seriously don’t want to take chance with the Chinese products as it can be dangerous.

Take a look at some common food processed in China:


It is fish-farmed in China and it is the worst and most toxic and unhealthy fish you can ever have. A tilapia fish eats anything unlike other fishes and the fish farming is done in a small pool of waste water. Farmers don’t even allow their children to taste seafood that is farmed by themselves. 80% of tilapia fish in America is from China.

Cod fish

It is another farmed fish in China that leaves in its own waste and as of now 50% of American Cod fish comes from China.

Chinese Apple Juice

China is the largest pesticide producing country in the world and they have not even given a thought to pesticide and chemical residue on foods.

Processed mushrooms

Manufacturers in China label these processed mushrooms as organic and release into the market. There are many fake mushrooms in China. Therefore, make sure you are not buying the wrong one.

Chinese garlic

Garlic is sprayed with chemical and this leaves garlic with a bad aftertaste. 31% of Garlic sold in America is from China.