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A 14-Year-Old Girl Married A Muslim Man 20 Years Older After He Paid Her Family For Her With A Gold Necklace

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A horrific video shows the moment when a 14-year-old girl is allegedly forced to marry a man 20 years older than her at the back of a Melbourne mosque.

The video seized by the police was taken from the groom’s phone, which shows an Islamic wedding ceremony by a cleric last year.

Imam Ibrahim Omerdic, 62, has faced court accused of forcing a minor to enter marriage. The video is the proof that shows a teenager quietly sitting as her groom signs papers presented by the Imam.

The girl’s mother watches the ceremony, after the groom apparently paid to marry her daughter with $1,480 gold necklace.

The Imam asks the child bride if she takes the man – who she reportedly met only a few days prior – ‘to live together and live according to Islam.’

She answers ‘yes’ and is told by the Imam that as a wife, she now has a duty to ‘obey’ her husband.

At least 23 children got married in illegal ceremonies and were under the age of 16, including four under the age of ten.

‘It is deeply disturbing to think little girls pre-puberty are being considered for marriage and for people to be organising that marriage,’ FACS Minister Pru Goward told the network.

Laura Vidal from anti-slavery group The Freedom Partnership said kids who are being forced into marriage will lead to serious impacts.

‘The long term impacts of people being forced into marriage can be quite serious including forced or unwanted pregnancies, withdrawal from education,’ she said.