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Couple Drove For 14 Miles Down An Interstate At 65 Mph Without Knowing There Is A Drunk Man Sleeping On The Trunk

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A driver in Memphis was shocked out of his wits when the cops pulled him over to tell him there was a drunken, unconscious man laying across the trunk of his car.


Carl Webb and his wife, Hazel, had spent Thursday night at the Memphis Barbecue Fest in the city’s downtown area, before they drove home on the Interstate.


After 14 miles of their journey filled with turns and twists, Webb was pulled over by a police officer who spotted a drunk man passed out across the back of the car.

‘The officer came up and he said, “Mister, are you aware there’s a body on your trunk?”,’ he told Fox13.

‘He goes, “Mister, I’m not messing with you. There’s a body on your trunk”.

‘So I got out. We walked around and sure enough there he was still hanging on, still unconscious, just lying there.’

‘There’s no way to describe it. It’s unbelievable.’ Webb explained to the network how he got in his car with his wife and started driving home without spotting the man sleeping it off on the trunk.

He explained “We came down the aisle, walked right to the car, opened it up on both sides then we got in the car,’ he said, before claiming his sunshade was up, blocking his view from the rear window.

‘I have no explanation other than that little lip right there saved his life.’

Incredibly, the man on the trunk did not fall off despite Webb traveling about 65mph during parts of the trip.

Its still uncertain whether the sleeping man has been charged by the police.