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Daughter Of Hunter Who Was Crushed To Death By An Elephant That Had Been Shot

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Daughter of hunter, who was crushed to death after an elephant, who had been shot, fell on him. The daughter posted a tribute on Facebook.

Carmen Botha, 21, uploaded an image of herself as a child along with father Theunis as the pair grab a rifle and rest their hands on a dead gazelle.

The post was uploaded on Sunday with no caption, but it quickly drew a lot of likes and comments from people sending their condolences.

Paul Scott wrote: ‘We are sending prayers from England to you and your family.’

Meanwhile Moses Mohale added: ‘My heartfelt condolences. God help you and your family in these tough times.

‘Trust in Him, He promised that He will never leave or forsake us.’

Theunis, 51, was a great hunter from South Africa, but unfortunately died during a hunting trip in Zimbabwe, when his group came across a herd of elephants.

The group open fired on the elephants, who then got scared and charged at them.

A female elephant is then picked up Botha with its trunk and in an attempt to save Botha one of the hunters shot the elephant, however, this caused the animal to fall on top of him, crushing him to death.

Botha survived by his wife Carika and their five children, all who live in Tzaneen, South Africa.

Carika will be taking a trip to Zimbabwe to identify her husband’s body and bring him home.

Carmen seems to follow her father’s footsteps, she posted some pictures of herself on Facebook along with dead animals, including a boar and a monkey.

She also seems to own at least one pet dog and is pictured alongside several cows, as her family are reported to be ranchers.