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Enormous Crowd Seen At Mall Of Qatar

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Mall of Qatar is a popular destination for locals as well as tourists because of all the unmatched opportunities.

The first six months of the opening saw a huge number of visitors, and received about 20 million visitors per annum according to the Rony Mourani, General Manager at Mall of Qatar.

“Being the Mall of the nation in Qatar, most visitors are residents of Qatar. However, Mall of Qatar has become increasingly popular amongst the region as a destination for families and friends of all ages. Mall of Qatar sees visitors from across the GCC, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain,” said Mourani.

“Mall of Qatar tourist numbers has increased within a short period of time, since the Mall launched its world-class shows – MOQ LIVE, running all year long. MOQ LIVE mall-wide entertainment showcases its wonderful headline shows, on the first 360-degree stage within a mall, which was custom developed and includes a revolving stage. Furthermore, the mall offers visitors an exciting line-up of festivals, such as the recent Spring Festival and amazing prizes for shoppers,” he added.

Mall of Qatar offers innovative shopping concepts, recreation, leisure and 52 weeks of headline shows. You can shop, dine and get entertained all together. Visitors will be amazed by the 500 varied retail, dining and café options, with 100 being food and beverage outlets.

“Everyone is interested in experiencing something new and unique, Mall of Qatar prides itself on being a destination that has successfully brought a lot of firsts to Qatar and to the region. Mall of Qatar is committed to always providing something new and exciting for visitors that will keep them coming back to MOQ. It is a destination that provides free entertainment for all, and a numerous selection of shopping and dining options,” said Mourani.

It comes with entertainment for all ages, like KidzMondo and NOVO cinemas, with the largest IMAX screen.

“Mall of Qatar’s entertainment is very popular amongst visitors of all ages, and MOQ constantly studies what people like and what interests families in Qatar. The mall also aims to cater to international tastes and takes traditions and customs very seriously through a vast entertainment variety. Mall of Qatar wants to create a wonderful balance between the local culture of Qatar and world-class entertainment for all visitors, as well as following the holiday season and prime local holidays,”  says Mourani. The Mall of Qatar officially opened on April 8, in the presence of more than 150,000 visitors.