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WARNING!! It’s Not A Good Idea To Have S*X Underwater – Here’s Why

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Most couples fantasize about sex on the beach, but don’t even bother thinking about doing it on a serious note.

Take the Italian couple as a lesson, who went swimming in Porto San Giorgio, Italy, and decided to do it in the sea.

Unfortunately, once they were finished, the man could not get it out no matter how much they tried.

The couple’s genitals got stuck together and things went out of control, which was so awkward. The reason being suction.

The couple remained underwater till a woman offered them a towel. The strangers who witnessed the scene called a medic and helped transport the couple. The doctors gave the woman an injection which caused her uterus to dilate and finally they were able to detach.

Dr. John dean said: “the muscles of the woman’s pelvic floor contract at orgasm. While those muscles contract, the male organ becomes stuck and further engorged within the vagina until the muscles relax. Blood can flow out of the penis again, the penis starts to go down after the orgasm and the man can withdraw.”

There have been different cases where a couple remained stuck for 7 hours until they had to be physically separated, however, most of the time, the penis captivus, the name of the condition, resolves on its own within a few minutes.

So beware.