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Middle Aged Couple Get Married In Their Birth Suit Because The Families Were Too Embarrassed To Attend Their Wedding

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British born Jeff Adams, 54 and New Zealand born Sue, 47 got married in Toowoomba in Queensland. The grandparents of six held a bizarre ceremony to mark their wedding.

The couple were totally nude and wore nothing on their big day, and they did it because their families were too embarrassed to attend. ‘It was definitely a huge weight off my mind not to worry about having to find a wedding dress!’ said bride Sue, who works in a bakery.

She added: ‘This was my chance to have the wedding I wanted, because the first time I got married I hated the day.

‘For me it is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life, but it wasn’t because it wasn’t the wedding I wanted.

‘I was so uncomfortable and it was not my perfect day at all.’

‘The wedding was all about Jeff and I and our relationship and that was how it should be. If people didn’t like it, we really didn’t care.

‘It was definitely a huge weight off my mind not to worry about having to find a wedding dress!

The couple met online in 2015 and then visited a nudist beach. Jeff proposed during a trip to Eagle View Naturist Retreat in Rockmount, Toowoomba in 2016 and they decided to get married there.

They got married in April at a heart shaped garden in the resort. Apart from a few friends the couple knew none of the attendees. Jeff and Sue stayed in the buff for the duration of the ceremony, wedding breakfast and evening reception and even had nude cake toppers crafted out of fondant icing.

Mandeep Sandhu, a licensed marriage celebrant from Gum Leaf Weddings carried out the legally-binding ceremony and he was the only person who wore clothes.

‘We didn’t want all the traditional big wedding rigmarole, we wanted to do something for us,’ groom Jeff said. The couple are also part time nudists around their home.