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Stepmother Who Tortured little Aiden To Death Then Fed Him To Pigs Complained on FB That The Child Was A ‘Psychopath’

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Here is an inside peek into the working of evil stepmother of a seven-year-old’s justification for torturing the boy to death and then feeding him to pigs. She complained about his behavior on Facebook before he died and said that he was a “psychopath”.


Heather Jones is serving a life sentence for the 2015 death of her stepson Adrian. The child was killed in due to unimaginable cruelty by his father, Michael and step mother Heather, who then fed his gaunt body to feeder pigs on their farm in Kansas City, Kansas, to cover up years of unspeakable abuse.


Now after the revelation of Adrian’s death, scrutiny on child protection agencies has begun which, his grandmother said, could have saved him.


During the ongoing investigation into his death and how it came to be, previously sealed records including police reports about conditions at the family have now been released also including Heather Jones’s Facebook activity is detailed in one which became available on Monday.

The report, taken by a police officer who went to the house to respond to a domestic disturbance, said she had described torture techniques which she used on the boy as ‘pain compliance’ but said they never worked.

She painted the child to be violent and problematic, labeling him a ‘psychopath’ who ‘kills everything he comes in contact with.’

The 31-year-old also claimed that the little boy tossed her four-month-old baby out of its bassinet and that he chased her around with a kitchen knife.

She even laughed about killing him, telling friends that she wouldn’t mind sending him to ‘look at flowers’ – a reference to an episode of The Walking Dead in which a character shoots a violent child after telling them to gaze as fields of flowers.

‘Unfortunately, I can’t shoot him,’ said another post. In a chilling precursor of his fate, in December 2014, she wrote about having to ‘feed some pigs a body’. While some even wrote messaged like ‘god bless u for taking him in!!!’

Adrian is seen falling to his knees in pain during one abuse session.

She also exchanged messages with the boy’s father which included photographs of the horrifying abuse they inflicted on him. In one, the depraved couple discussed buying a ‘full body enclosure’ to keep him contained.


Adrian suffered terrible cuts to his lips by trying to chew his way out of the plywood cell his parents created for him in their shower.

Adrian’s death was revealed in November 2015 when police were called to the family home amid reports of a domestic disturbance between Heather and Michael.

Once there, she blurted out in desperation that the boy’s father had fed him to their pigs two months earlier at the end of September.

The investigation into her claims yielded harrowing evidence of years of abuse- Heather, sickeningly proud of how she tortured her stepson, documented it in photographs.

Little Adrian was shown treading water in a filthy pool and chained up outside. Injuries that were photographed included deep cuts to his face and lips which he’d suffered trying to chew his way out of the cardboard cell his parents had created for him in a shower stall.

He was also photographed wearing a cutting board duct taped to his chest and strapped to an inversion table.

Both Heather and Michael were arrested in 2015. She pleaded guilty to murder in November 2016 and was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum of 25 years before she is eligible for parole.


Adrian’s maternal grandmother is fighting to make child services officials accountable for his death.

She believes his death could have been avoided and that they failed him by not picking up on the torture he was having to endure.


Scrutiny has now turned to the child protection agencies which Adrian’s grandmother says could have saved him but didn’t .

In 2013, Adrian told a Children’s Division worker in Missouri, where the family was living at the time, that his father kept beating him in the head.

‘My daddy keeps hitting me in the head and punches me in the stomach and my mom keeps pulling on my ears and it really hurts.

‘Mommy and Daddy lock me in my room by myself. Mommy and Daddy can’t feed me,’ he said during the interview which took place due to an anonymous call that was concerned about Aiden’s welfare.

Shockingly, he was allowed to carry on living with the pair and they relocated to Kansas City, Kansas, shortly afterwards.

The Department of Social Services in each state said it had been in contact with each other and with the family before Adrian’s death but so far neither has taken responsibility for it.