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Stunt Driving Will Be Cracked Down By The Traffic Police

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Stunt driving and drifting are expected to be on the rise during Ramadan, which is why the Investigation Section of the General Directorate of the Traffic Department will curb the practice this year by enforcing strict action against violators.

“The Investigation Section will strictly monitor such cases during upcoming Ramadan and punish violators,” a source at the Ministry of Interior said.

“Last year, we seized more than 30 vehicles. Now, the public is also cooperating with us and residents can send pictures of cases and we will follow the violators”, he said.

Fines will reach up to QR3,000 or more and confiscation of vehicles for a maximum of three months. If there are any repeated violators, the case will be transferred to public prosecution.

Replying to a question about the difficulties being faces by authorities, he said: “The problem now is that these drifters and stunt-drivers choose places which are far from the eyes of the police. For example, they choose places like Al Sailiya, Salwa Road.”

He said that special campaigns should be run every Ramadan “otherwise they will continue doing the same.”

In case of drifting in residential areas, which exposes people’s life to danger, vehicles will be booked for 90 days and “may be transferred to the public prosecution depending on the nature of the offence.”

“They create a lot of fuss on the roads for general public and even do not respect the sanctity of the holy month.

The time they indulge in drifting on roads is the time of tranquility but they don’t care about anything and most of them are youngsters,” said Ali, a resident.

He added: “I think those youth spend their day sleeping and at night they don’t have anything to do expect to make people’s life restless with the noises they create with their vehicles. It has become a habit for them in Qatar and the Traffic Department has already specified a place for these youngsters in the Industrial Area then why don’t they go their to appease their hunger for adventure.”