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This Couple See An Infant Alone Inside A Locked Car. When They Read The Note Inside, They Began To Panic!

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Children are precious and all things precious are delicate and need to be taken care of with a lot of care. But we see here everyday news of horrifying things done to little children that would really question the morals of humanity.


Recently an incident that was disturbing occurred in New Zealand.

The incident happened in Park’n Save Supermarket parking lot in Porirua, New Zeland, Newsner reported. A couple parked their car and saw near them a sleeping baby inside an unattended car. The poor infant was inside the vehicle alone. And no one was with the baby adding to this the car was locked!


There was a note on the baby that said,

“My mum’s in doing shopping, call her if I need anything,” the note said with a phone number attached.


But being the responsible couple that they were they immediately set out taking the baby out of the car. When they noticed that it has already been so long since the baby was left inside, they started breaking car doors but to no avail. They asked for help from other people who were also at the scene. They called the mother and asked her to return immediately. Fortunately, the baby was saved and unharmed.


Netizens were outraged that an newborn was left unattended and wondered why she couldn’t carry the baby with her inside.

While others remained neutral about the incident as they don’t know the mother’s side of the story.