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WANTED! Two Maids Are Going Viral For What They Did To The Kids They’re Supposed To Take Care Of!

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Two Maids Who Were Supposed To Take Care Of Children Left Them Unattended And Disappeared Without Any Food And Water For Kids

It is damn difficult to find a trustworthy and honest maid who can genuinely look after your children. A video of two maids shared by Myrias Arch has gone viral, as the maids were seen leaving her children alone.

Christina Bordeos, 30 and Jovelyn De La Cruz, 18 from Patnanungan Quezon were working for a family. They just left the house without any prior arrangements for the children. Luckily everything was captured in CCTV cameras.

Apparently, Christina was actually allowed to return to fix a family matter at 5pm, but she left at 8am and that too with a lot more things than she carried inside.

Another lady followed her after 10 minutes with gates open and leaving the kids without any food and water. The mother said that the elder sister was trying to feed her younger one with milk while she was shivering with hunger.

The camera also captured two maids stepping on chairs and they were seen texting all day while the 2 year old was left down on the floor.

Mrs. Myrias wants to make sure that this does not happen to other families and that’s the reason she has posted the video.