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Woman Converts Her Old Van Into A House And Then Travels To Exotic Places With A Cute Companion

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Marina Piro, a lady who loves to travel was born in Italy but now lives in UK. She converted her old Renault Kangoo into a home with the help of DIY van restorations technique. She researched for two months to do it.

She named her 5-door van as Pam after the conversion which has all the basic necessities of a house like a bed, a kitchen, curtains, LED lights and a few plants as well.

It costed her $605, though she didn’t know anything about restoration she decided to go ahead and it came out pretty well. Her passion for travel was the driving force behind all this.

Once it was complete, her journey began with Odie, her rescue dog, which has fallen in love with the new house because of the fresh air.

She said: “My main aim in the creation of Pamthevan’s blog and Instagram page is to really empower women more than showing how cool my life is.”

They don’t know for how long they will be on road but they are making sure that every moment is enjoyed and savoured.